eCommerce can be a tricky beast. So many conversion strategies and optimisation techniques. And between product photography, social media, blogging, videos, brand awareness, list building, SEO, automated email sequences and regular e-newsletters – there is a stack of (often confusing) stuff to get done.

But do you know what ties all of it together? One thing – and one thing alone. COPY! How you write your product descriptions, your content pages, your social media posts and your emails, all of this will determine your ultimate success in selling a product (no matter how good that product might be).

Yet I see so many eCommerce sites who get their copy entirely wrong. It’s flat, boring and uninspiring. Quite frankly, it kinda sucks.

Get it right though, and products start flying off your virtual shelves.

So the first thing to remember – is to ensure that you’re really painting a picture with your words. Video demos can certainly help, but you still need the right words on that page.

Customers don’t generally care about a products features so much – but more so how it will enhance their lives. What results will they get from using it? Why do they need it? How will it change their world? Or simply make their lives easier?

I see so many eCommerce sites with product descriptions that really are terrible.

Product descriptions should not just contain a list of features copied and pasted from you suppliers website. Some of that detail can be included down the bottom, for sure, but as an online retailer – you need to talk to your customers. And I mean REALLY talk to them!

“This product is red, large and hairy” just won’t cut it.

Instead you need “This sexy product is red and will change your life in a matter of minutes” etc.

And there is no harm in injecting some unique personality into your product descriptions either!

Being a little bit kooky, funny, or even flat-out crazy – can actually help to enhance the likeability of your brand and generate more interest.

People aren’t interested in boring – they’re craving excitement – and its up to us as eCommerce owners to give it to them. (Otherwise, they’ll lose interest in looking at your products pretty darn quickly!)

I’ve been an eCommerce owner for the past 8 years. I’ve grown a brand from nothing. Yet luckily for me, I’m also a copywriter. But that didn’t make me immune from making all the mistakes about the place, when it came to our business in the early years.

See I came from the Corporate world and worked extensively within Government. So I was very well trained to write ridiculously formally (aka straight-laced and boring!). But a few years ago, I figured out that most consumers, don’t really connect with formal. So I changed the way in which I wrote and spoke to our customers.

I got braver, bolder and friendlier! I even got a little bit crazy, and took a few risks!

I now get customers replying back to my ‘marketing’ emails, chatting away to me, like we’re best friends. Thanking me for marketing to them ?

I’ve lost count of the number of customers who have commented as to how funny, quirky and interesting our blog posts and emails are.

It’s made us stand out in a very crowded (but not so tech or marketing savvy) marketplace.

Where everyone else is simply saying ‘buy this’, ‘buy now’ – I craft a crazy story, weave in some clever whit and hey presto, sales a plenty.

Which is why I’m now offering my Copywriting services to other eCommerce owners, as achieving that true connection with your customers, and producing an engaging brand – is something that can really skyrocket your sales. It’s quite often the missing link – once you’ve optimised your website design as much as you can.

At one stage, I set myself the task of writing a blog post/promotional piece on a red plastic bag. It’s a very handy large, tough bag, with two sets of handles, but it sells for $3.90 and it’s nothing super special.

Yet I managed to write all about that “sexy red bag” turning it into a subtly hysterical piece of prose, that our audience loved. And of course – they sure sold! We’d had them on our shelves for months with the odd sale here or there – but pump out a funny blog post, and we had customers ordering them in lots of 10.

And don’t underestimate the power of marketing emails – written in a friendly, upbeat, quirky tone. Speak to your customers like they’re your best friends – and be the life of the party on that page!

It works – trust me ?

Sarah xoxoxox