Here’s the thing. Business is actually not that hard.
But too many business owners get everything back to front.
And back to front – aint never gonna work.
Most business owners fall into the trap of simply describing what they DO.
Yet your customers and clients don’t really CARE about what you DO.
They CARE about what YOU CAN DO FOR THEM!
They care about the tangible and very specific results that you can deliver.
The outcomes. The TRANSFORMATION.
For example! If you’re a hypnotherapist, you are not in business to sell hypnotherapy.
People don’t buy hypnotherapy.
They buy the RESULTS you get via your use of hypnotherapy.
Got that?
They want their grief to go away. To quit smoking. To lose more weight. Or to gain more confidence and cure their social awkwardness.
And because many people are so skeptical about these sorts of treatments, you will need to do a damn fine job of easing their fears and convincing them that your particular hypnotherapy DOES really work.
If you’re a spiritual healer – unless your seeking only to engage with other ‘spiritually’ inclined people, you cannot try to bamboozle your potential newbie clients with messaging about ‘finding the light’ or ‘holding space’ or any other ‘voo doo’, magical ways of talking…
(No offence intended!)
If you want to educate a ‘newbie’ and get them interested in exploring spiritual healing modalities you need to capture their attention by focusing on the real, life RESULTS FIRST!
E.G: I help with anxiety, lack of focus, confidence and finding your own version of happy! Or in other words…I have the magical solution you’ve been looking for all this time to your most pressing problem!
And for eCommerce store owners – please ensure your home page banner and copy tells me exactly what type of products you offer, within 1.3 seconds.
Otherwise, you’ve lost me! 1.3 seconds is all I have to figure out whether you are of any interest to me at all.
Don’t overwhelm me with stacks of fancy graphics or too many product photos all at once.
Tell me what you stand for, what you have and why I should buy from you in particular. And preferably, in a single magical sentence!
The world has changed, dear business owner.
Your customers expectations have changed.
Gone are the days where you can simply put up some mundane copy about the services you provide and hope that the right people pick you.
There’s too much competition. The chances of them picking you when you look and sound like everybody else, is ever-so slim. It’s almost as likely as winning the lottery.
It’s your responsibility to craft the copy on your website in a way that makes your prospects fall head-over-heals in love with you.
Copy that gives them no choice but to sell their soul to work with you.
Copy that opens their wallets and gets them to pay you!
Ready to do that?
Let’s talk and we’ll make it happen!
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