Copy. It can make or break your business.
Yet so many neglect this most basic requirement.
Many business owners struggle to clearly convey what they do, on their website and their optin or sales pages.
And they fail to make their prospects FEEL something to actually motivate them enough to DO something!
In fact they tend to throw words all over their websites and sales page – without any clarity or consistency of message.
It ends up being a garbled, confused mess – with a solid sprinkling of spelling mistakes and sheer boredom thrown in.
Or they simply write in a tone that doesn’t match the language of their desired client or customer.
So their copy doesn’t sell. Their offer doesn’t sell.
One might assume that the problem is the product, program or service itself. That no one wants what you offer. And therefore the temptation might be to scrap it and try a different product altogether.
When in fact, the offer might be perfect – and it’s simply the copy that needs fixing.
The way in which you SELL that offer through the words on the page.
There may also be the temptation to blame it on the quality of your leads. This could indeed be a problem – but you’re not going to find that out, unless you KNOW your copy converts FIRST.
Many business owners also request copywriting that helps their SEO.
Yes SEO sure helps, but the emphasis SHOULD NOT be on the SEO.
There is ZERO point in driving traffic to copy that does not connect with its’ intended audience – no matter how good the SEO keywords and tactics within that copy might be.
Emotion ultimately sells. Facts and logic justify the decision.
Copy can be an artform. But it also has to be YOU!
To attract the right clients you need to put YOU on that page – quirks and all.
People buy people.
Personality pays.
Don’t fall into the trap of trying to be ‘professional’ (unless your audience demands it) as you risk being boring. And ‘Plain Jane’ never sells.
Your copy needs to stop your prospects, dead in their tracks. Disrupt. Delight. Inspire them to ACT!
And you’ve most likely got approximately 1.3 seconds to do it!
Tricky huh?
Particularly if writing doesn’t come easily to you.
But often, it’s easier than it sounds…
Sometimes you simply need fresh eyes and a fresh perspective.
From someone who’s been doing this whole ‘copy gig’ for quite some time.
I’d love to offer my expert eyes on YOUR copy so we can figure out how to maximise your connection and ultimately your results, together!
Book Me In For Your FREE ‘Catapult Your Conversions’ Clever Copy Audit here: – or simply PM me.
It will only take 30 minutes, to go through your website and/or sales pages to get my thoughts on how you can make your copy convert more!
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