It’s nearing the end of April. Nearly even May.

Did you know we’re fast approaching the half way mark of 2019?

Have you met your business goals? Have you even come close?

Did you declare 2019 your year? Have you struck new riches? New passions? New projects? Killing them all?

I kinda thought so!

In fact throughout my travels I’ve heard many business owners who’ve simply fallen flat.

Flat on their faces even.

They set big goals at the start of the year. And they thought they were busily working towards them. Yet as we approach May, they suddenly find themselves so far away from where they wanted to be – it’s frightening.

Some may have even experienced a business failure…

Perhaps a program launch may have failed. Your course only got 2 sign ups. Maybe you scored some great clients early on, and then nothing for months.

You’ve possibly only earned a whole $49 in the past two months from your entrepreneurial activities. As a result, you’re still slaving away in that dead-end job you were hoping to be free of by now.

But guess what?

Failure doesn’t matter. What you do AFTER a failure is what counts.

And continuing your pursuit and forward momentum relentlessly.

Even when there is no evidence that what you’re trying to do will even work.

You still need to believe!

Yet what happens when you stall?

When you find you’ve been racing around like a headless chook all year and achieved absolutely NOTHING of any real significance?

The answer is simple.

You find someone to help you.

And it’s easier than you might think.

Sometimes in business you just need that little bit of secondary backup.

Because this ‘solopreneur’ thing can get a little lonely.

And often you find yourself mindlessly wandering around in circles (or scrolling through Facebook) simply because you no longer know where to find the right answers or the most appropriate path forward.

Imagine though if you could get a second opinion on what you’re currently working on…

And no, I don’t mean by your well-meaning partner who hasn’t got a clue, or your mum who barely knows what Facebook is, or your best-friend who keeps telling you to stick to your boring corporate job.

You need someone who gets it!

You need someone with business expertise, who can take a look at your website, your sales pages, your lead magnet, your entire funnel even.

And someone who knows how to write.

Write words that sell. Like piping hot pancakes (with a fascinating drizzle of something sickly sweet but amazingly enticing on top!).

‘Cause no matter how much you love your videos – you still need words, on the page, that sell.

There really is no way of avoiding it.

But often, what you need is right under your nose.

And a few simple copy tweaks or some wild word wizardry can take your failing course, program or service offering and turn it into something that your customers or clients actually want.

Not only do they want it – but they practically break down your door to pay you to get it.


It’s everything.

We can create it. Together!

Book your free COPY CONSULT and we’ll take a look at your website and sales funnel to see what’s working, and what’s not.

Then we’ll figure out how to fix it and get it selling.

If that sounds like a mighty fine plan, feel free to get in touch.

It’s time YOU became the next online success story.

It’s time to throw your all at it.

It’s time to ask for help ?

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