Are you struggling with getting your website to convert? Do you need a reliable way of attracting leads, on to your email database, so you can establish a relationship with them – and turn them into paying customers?

You can have the most beautiful website in the world – but if you don’t have words that magnetically attract your ideal clients and get them to pay you – well, it just isn’t going to work. And you won’t have a business.

Many business owners invest ever so heavily into web design and fancy graphics, but they forget the importance of having the right words.

Or even if you do get the importance – it’s hard! You’re busy! You’ve got so much ‘stuff’ floating around in your head, and so much to do, that its hard to gain the clarity you need to articulate your message in a way that people will buy. Not to mention if writing just doesn’t come naturally to you.

Which is where I come in.

I’m a Copywriter, with over 15 years experience (corporate and business) specialising in both website and sales funnel copy. I’ve designed my new ‘Catapult Your Conversions’ packages to provide you with Done-For-You expertly written copy, that gets attention and ultimately sells.

Wouldn’t it be a relief to just hand over the task of writing your sales funnel for you? To help clearly nail down your message in a way that connects with your audience?

I can take you from ‘confuzzled’ to ‘crystal clear’ 🙂

And I’m currently offering very special discounted prices, to launch these packages – at around 70% off.

I’ve probably only got capacity for another 2 – 3 clients this month.

So email me for the details 🙂