When I started this Copywriting business I presumed my role would be relatively straight forward.
String a few words together. Write some fancy copy for other businesses.
Yes, my words certainly help a business sell what they do more effectively…
However I’ve discovered that my role is turning out to be far more than mere ‘writer of words’.
In actual fact, a GOOD Copywriters role is really rather complex.
Because not only do I have to write clever words that sell…
But I also appear to have become a marketing strategist, a sales funnel master, a business coach and resident business bestie ‘hand-holder’ too.
For a good copywriter MUST understand the ENTIRE marketing picture and assist with business direction and growth.
A good copywriter NEEDS to be able to design and implement copy for sales funnels.
And a good copywriter needs to be able to decipher the tangle of thoughts and ideas from within a crazy-busy business owners head, and transform that into a clear, consistent message.
An even better copywriter can literally hold a business owners hand, to help them slow down, get super duper clear on what they do and who they wish to be, to break down the overwhelm and craft not just words, but an entire strategy to move that business and its owner, forward towards greater success!
Now this is where I get that little big ‘braggy’.
Because I actually believe that I’m a GREAT copywriter, not just a ‘good’ one.
Why? Well, unlike many other copywriters, I have spent the past 9 years running OTHER businesses, totally unrelated to running a Copywriting agency or service.
I’ve started and grown a large eCommerce business which I’m currently in the process of selling, I’ve run a membership site (the latest rapidly growing business model!), and I assist my husband in running his Metals & Manufacturing business.
Therefore, I’ve already tested out lots of marketing theories, customer loyalty strategies, created sales funnels, built audiences, grown lists – and actually learnt exactly how customers and clients like to be COMMUNICATED with to NAIL the SALE.
The knowledge I have gained from running these other businesses – means I can totally get inside your head, pick apart your business (nicely) and see the areas that need improving.
I also keep up to date with the latest online marketing strategies and trends, meaning…
I can totally find the opportunities to help your business grow ?
Then, and only then (when the appropriate strategies are in place) do I start writing the actual words.
Just call me a fang dangled Business Coach already :p
So no, I’m not JUST a copywriter.
I can help provide you with strategies that work, marketing that attracts clients and customers, and help unravel the tangled mess inside your head, so you can move forward in your business with clarity and ease.
Hell, I can even make the tech stuff work too!
(Pretty clever hey?)
Turns out hiring me as your copywriter, gives you some awesome value, and bang for your buck!
It’s almost as if I’m four people in one ?