I failed. Not just a little bit, but a lot.

You see, we had a fairly successful, little online store, that hubby and I ran part-time around other jobs.

We were selling horse gear – as we both loved horses!

And I was desperate to quit the corporate world.

(Something to do with NOT wanting to spend 5 hours per day commuting, and never seeing my small children!)

I really wanted to run my business full time!

So, for some strange reason the only way I could see that we could make that happen, was to open a physical retail store in our local country town.

A town that was growing, was quite busy, and where there were plenty of horses.

A ‘horsey town’ where there was no horse shop nor horse feed shop.

So, we decided to go all in and create one.

We bought a block of land in the main street. We somehow managed to build our magnificent commercial shop premises.

And we started.

It grew and it grew.

Yet was there any profit?

Absolutely none!

Yep none, my friend. In fact – we totally ended up going completely backwards, to the point where the business was COSTING us money, rather than making it.

So, in January this year, we quit. I gave up. And we walked away and closed it all down.

Devastation, much?

I was pretty gutted, to tell you the truth. It had been my ‘baby’, and I had toiled away six days per week (if not around the clock!) for nothing (or so it seemed!).

(Whilst battling tiny children at weekends by myself – often breastfeeding behind the counter in between customers and trying desperately not to lose my sh*t at whilst my screaming kids tried to destroy the place!)

Anyway, because we were in such a dire financial position with kids to feed and mortgages to pay – I had no choice but to pick myself up, dust off that failure – and try again.

So, I figured, writing had to be it.

I have always been a writer.

Even as a child.

After studying IT at University, I ended up as a website writer and editor in the corporate world. Think Government, not-for-profit, higher education etc.

My writing was the reason our retail and ecommerce business grew to six figures (despite the physical overheads draining our profit!).

So writing was the only thing I could think of that I could do, to make money fast.

Now here I am.

6 Months later – and counting my blessings.

At the start of the year I felt like a big old failure. I honestly wanted to curl up in a ball, and hide from the world. Particularly, as retail in a country town is ever-so public(!).

Now however, my Copywriting business is a success.

I finally have more than 20 cents in my bank account. (Boy does that feel good!)

And I can now see, how my ‘failure’ was actually a good thing.

From running that business, I learnt stacks.

Stacks of useful things that I am now using to rapidly grow this new business.

It gives me broader, first-hand experience within this small business caper.

(Which means I can totally help your business more!)

And it taught my husband and I what we truly value in life and actually WANT.

We want time. Freedom. An income that provides us with what we want for us and the kids – with a working life that doesn’t consume every freaking minute.

Retail was never going to provide that for our family. It was always going to serve as a ball and chain.

(Not to say that it can’t be successful, as it can, but for us it wasn’t the right fit!)

And now that I’m writing for a living again and building this business – I feel right at home.

(And I’m working comfortably from home, on our 70 acre rural property, with the ability to cuddle my own horses, just outside my back door.)

I feel like this was exactly where I was meant to end up, all along.

Which is also why, we’re about to hand over our eCommerce business to new owners next week – so I can concentrate purely on the writing work that I love.

But here’s the thing.

That failure – hurt me big time.

It’s a feeling that I’m pretty determined, never to have again! Or at the very least, not to that degree!

And you know what? I don’t want you to either!

Which is one of my biggest ‘why’s behind why I do what I do.

Words make a difference. A powerful difference. They make the difference between success and a total flop.

They make the difference between whether you end up with a thriving, successful, money-making business that can support you and/or your family – or whether you end up having to go crawling back to the dreary old ‘corporate’ world.


Luckily, I seem to have a knack for creating clever copy that converts. By connecting, sparking emotion and inspiring action in target audiences.

And I just don’t want to see anyone fail in their business – or experience the hardship and turmoil that our little family has suffered through the past little while.

That’s why I want to write for you.

So, you don’t have to fail – to get to where you want to be.

If you have a dream, I want you to go for it and I want to help you make it happen.

With confidence!

Knowing, that your ‘messaging’ (aka web copy etc) is truly magnetic, memorable and will totally MAKE YOU MORE MONEY.

I’ve done it for others – and I can do it for you too!

Today’s your last chance for booking me in at my current rates, with my current package deals.

From Monday next week there will be big changes, and because demand for my services has grown so rapidly – increased pricing.

If you want to book your spot today – or at least over the weekend – you will need to act now.

‘Cause it’s time to lose that feeling of failure.

Send it heading for the hills.

Success could well be a mere email away.

I’m happy to take a quick squiz at your current website, your socials and I’ll totally let you know if I think I can help you with your business.

Email me at sarah@sarahwalkerden.com with your website link – and I’ll get back to you asap 😊


Sarah Walkerden
Web Copy Diva

P.S If you’re wondering WHY our retail business failed, it came down to a few things. Bad luck, unfortunate circumstances beyond our control, a lack of prior research, low local support and loyalty and a few poor decisions. The best bit? We now know what NEVER to do again 😊

P.P.S My copywriting biz, has gone from $200 per week, to $5000+ per month, in less than 6 months (in fact most of it has happened since Easter/April when I went into it full time). And I’m on track to double that pretty damn soon. Success is possible, and I can show you how I did it, and how you can too!