Seriously dude, this business shizz is hard.

One minute, you’re flying as high as flippin’ kite, doing cartwheels from working with amazing clients.

Next minute, you’re all alone, doubting every fibre of your being.

Why on earth do we do it to ourselves?

As my lovely, but ‘play-it-safe’ mum asked me a little while ago, “Wouldn’t it just be easier to go and get a job Sarah?”

Thanks mum, but no thanks.

I’ve been there, done that.

You know what the corporate world got me?

Complete and utter exhaustion. Fatigue to the point of a complete body collapse.

And anxiety levels that were simply through the roof.

The ‘corporate world’ may have provided me with a safety net of regular income, but I paid for that with both my physical and mental health AND by never, ever having a life.

At one point, I was travelling 2.5-3 hours to get to work (we live in the country). Each way! Which meant a minimum of 5 hours travel each and every freaking day.

I would be up at 5.30am, out the door and in the car by 6:15am, on the train by 7:05am, at my first city train changeover spot at 8:25am, and at 9am I would run flat knacker down the street from the station, to my office – and collapse into my chair, huffing and puffing at my desk at 9:05.

Luckily – I had a cool boss, who didn’t mind me always being five minutes late.

Trouble was, I also had two tiny kids. My eldest son was just four, and my youngest was only 6 months old. And believe me – she didn’t sleep. Like ever! I was lucky to get between 2 and 4 hours of interrupted sleep each night.

And that was before I went through this crazy routine of getting to work at the crack of dawn, working a full day, then spending 3 hours getting home again at 8pm (to an overtired screaming baby, who would instantly attach to my near-exploding boobs, before her finally falling asleep long enough for me to eat something and try to sleep for an hour, before she woke again!).

During those times, hubby and I ate a hell of a lot of eggs on toast for dinner, let me tell you!

So you know what, after experiencing that type of lifestyle, I don’t want to go back to the craziness of the corporate world anymore.

The constant running around and stress, the toll it took on both my relationship with my husband and my poor, tiny and tired kids – it just wasn’t worth it.

There had to be a better way of living! And going into business, may have been a risk, but it was the only chance we had of living a better way, and providing more for our kids.

Problem is though, business can be really inconsistent.

I’m sure you’ve experienced it!

Like I said at the beginning, one minute you’ve got so much work that its practically coming out your ears and your head won’t stop spinning – the next minute, well, you’ve got nothing.



No moula coming through the door!

And that’s a little scary sometimes.

It’s these seemingly inevitable quiet patches that freak us the hell out!

Often though, there are ways of improving this situation, to make sure you have a continuous roll of new leads, bookings, clients etc.

And it all comes down to creating and implementing a reliable marketing system, that brings in traffic, turns them into slightly warmer leads, and then converts them into hot paying clients.

The way to do that?

Firstly, you need to make sure that ALL of your marketing channels have clear, consistent, engaging messaging.

Secondly, you need a sales, nurture and follow up process.

Thirdly, once the above is done right, you simply answer your phone or email to nail the deal.

Over the past couple of months, I’ve nailed my own successful strategies, to do just that.

And I’d love to be able to do it for you (& with you) too!

Messaging and copy and an effective strategy is everything. Once you’ve got that sorted, the sky literally is the limit.

You really CAN have clients magnetically drawn to you, just by being YOU in the right way, on social media, your website and throughout your communications.

Which gives you confidence, security and consistent clients, who find you (rather than you desperately chasing them!).

And cash. Lots of it!

So if you’re sick of mucking around, and ready to play a bigger business game, feel free to PM me.

Or, you can book a free website copy audit here:

Speak to you soon! 

Sarah Walkerden
Web Copy Diva