Getting a business off the ground can be incredibly daunting.

Mainly, because there is so much to plan for and so much to get done.

But also, because you might not have ALL the skills required to get everything done right.

And if this is your first ‘start-up’ business, you’re possibly diving in head first, without even knowing where you’re going to actually end up.

So I wanted to give you a few of my best tips, or a step-by-step plan rather, that got me started, both with my eCommerce business 10 years ago (that ended up well into 6 figures, and has recently sold to new owners), and from the beginning of this year, when I got cracking on building up THIS business as a Copywriter / Marketing Strategist.

And if you have your business name, and structure etc. all ready to go, here are your next steps for actually marketing what you do.

Step 1: Create your business Facebook page – and ensure you fill in all sections, with banner and profile images etc.

Step 2: Join relevant Facebook groups in your industry – and start chatting, to build relationships and get your name known. Keep it friendly and genuine, not salesy.

Step 3: Create your website – upload your website ‘copy’ (aka the words) and graphics etc.

Step 4: Write some blog posts, which you post both on your website and your Facebook page. Ideally, one main blog post per week – with other Facebook posts throughout the week to build your audience and engagement.

Step 5: Create your own Facebook group, and start encouraging relevant people to join. Make sure your Facebook group is all about providing value upfront (before selling anything) and serves a specific purpose in relation to your new business.

(Having your own group takes effort, but worthwhile to build a more engaged audience and achieve more post reach – with the current changing Facebook algorithms.)

Step 6: Promote your super-helpful blog posts (and links) where appropriate in Facebook groups – and drive people to your Facebook page, Facebook group and website. Just make sure you follow the group rules – and look out for the promotion days 

Step 7: Share SOME of your business posts to your personal Facebook profile, and encourage all your friends and family to ‘Like’ your business page (to help get you started!).

(Ensure you keep your personal Facebook profile relatively ‘clean’ and ‘professional’ as potential clients WILL check you out!)

Step 8: Rinse and repeat – consistently!

But honestly, the number one rule, and the thing that has skyrocketed my business for FREE has been networking and posting within Facebook groups, whether they be groups for business owners and/or any other relevant groups that relate to what you’re offering and what you do.

Seem simple enough? Maybe not?

That’s ok. I get how overwhelming it can be in the beginning. And you’re never alone…everyone feels like this in the beginning, and even long after…

In fact, my husband, has been running his own eBay/semi-serious part-time business for the past 4 years, and STILL hasn’t been brave enough to start marketing properly (despite my regular attempts/prods to coach him in the right direction!).

(He is far too stingy to actually pay me to do it for him though, even though by now he could have 10x his turnover by now – hopefully he still loves me when he reads this later haha 🤣)

But if you feel like you need a little help setting up a bit of a plan, to get the clients (and the money!) rolling in for you, just hit me up.

I totally geek out on this stuff – both the strategy AND the actual writing 

And I’m always happy and here to help!


Web Copy Diva

P.S I still have a couple of Copy Packages with discounted pricing available, until the end of this week only! If you’re keen, just ask, and I’ll send you the deets