After yesterdays’ post, about loving life and business one moment, and falling in a heap the next, I’ve been doing a little soul-searching.

And there are two things that I’ve decided to do, to bring more passion and enthusiasm into what I do – while attempting to avoid these days of ‘burnout’.

Number 1 – The reason we go in to small business in the first place, is for freedom and flexibility. Not just so we can work from home. And not just to create another all-consuming job that we do from home.

Working 12 hour days, 6 – 7 days per week, is not sustainable. Or at least, not for long.

We should not be trying to fit in our ‘life’ or ‘lifestyle’ around the crazy demands of our businesses.

We should in fact be designing our business to fit in around our lifestyle.

Otherwise, what’s the point? We might as well just go back to the corporate world or regular employment, because at least that way, we’d get our weekends and evenings to ourselves.

Our businesses should provide us with some degree of flexibility to fit in around the other important things in life, such as family, kids, hobbies and relaxation. And possibly, a little sleep too!

And while this is easier to say than done, particularly when we have client demands and deadlines to meet, it starts with small changes.

Recently, I’ve been trying to look after my health more, by going to the Osteo again and indulging in the odd massage. It eases my terrible back pain, but it also helps with relieving stress and allowing myself a little time out.

From Spring however (once this horrible weather improves in Victoria!), I will also be prioritising my number one hobby and passion – my horses and riding.

I’m not going to neglect my business or clients (please don’t think that!) but I am going to set better boundaries and prioritise the things that matter to me.

My horses and my riding provide me with an incredible sense of power, relaxation and sheer fun and thrill. And it’s something I need.

So, after putting my horses on the back-burner for the past few months to build this business, I’m shifting the balance back, so that I take a couple of hours each week, to ride. Maybe even, that will turn out to be one hour EACH day to ride.

I’ll be joining adult riding club again – and even a new local group who do ‘extreme cowboy racing’ haha. Let’s see how my ‘Dressage’ ponies handle that one!

But by spending time with my horses more – I will end up more productive and more successful with my business.

Horses are incredible creatures – with the ability to teach us so much (for those of us who fall under their magical spell!) – and the mental ‘rush’ and that feeling of being ‘on top of the world’ that riding gives me, will positively impact the way I show up for my business.

Because I really am a much nicer, and far more upbeat and energetic person, after a really good ride! And the creative writing juices flow so much more easily.

Which leads me to change Number 2.

Since starting this business properly at the start of this year, I have tried to keep it separate from my horse passion.

To be honest, our somewhat failed retail business in the horse industry, left me a little jaded on that score, I was a little burnt out in that industry, so wanted to tackle other completely unrelated industries.

I figured it would help me refresh my creative juices to tackle other topics.

Something I have realised though, in the past 24 hours, is that horses are a part of who I am.

And funnily enough, after running an eCommerce horse business for the past ten years (that has now sold), and from being a keen horse owner and rider for the past 30 odd years, I know a fair bit about the horse industry and how to grow a successful horse business.

So, I figure, it’s time to start figuring out some ‘niches’ to focus on with my copywriting – and instead of avoiding the horse industry, I should be sharing what I know and start helping other horse-related businesses succeed.

Therefore, if you have a horse business, I’m more than happy to lend my personal and professional horse knowledge, with great horse copy, great horse websites, and smarter horse business marketing strategies. It’s obviously far more effective and more efficient to engage help from someone with my knowledge and insights, than a marketing agency etc. who has no clue about which end of a horse is which 

Secondly, I’m a country chick. And as I live out in the sticks, on a 70 acre property, with horses, sheep and chooks, with a farm-loving husband and a selection of ‘farmer friends’ around me – I want to also help farming and agricultural businesses too.

It’s what I know, it’s what I’m passionate about, and therefore it’s time to play to my strengths!

Which isn’t to say I can’t help other industries, as I certainly can and will.

I have a long corporate, Government background, and have written for tax accountants, construction companies, technology companies, digital marketing agencies and tradies – oh and I love mum and baby products too.

I am a bit of ‘rev head’ and love my cars (particularly Holden Commodores & Monaros .

I am a mum, with two kids, so can relate to all sorts of ‘mummy’ and ‘bubby’ topics.

And I quite enjoy helping tradies to produce better websites and website copy, so they can market themselves better.

Over the past couple of years, I’ve even gotten into a little bit of ‘woo’.

Think ‘law of attraction’ and ‘manifestation’ plus anything to do with allergies or natural or alternative health.

I also love the world of business coaching, mindset and sales psychology.

Pretty diverse, hey?

But, the point of this post, is to say that firstly, it makes a difference to your business when you begin to prioritise YOU, and how YOU want to live your life.

And secondly, why fight what comes naturally? Design a business that makes the most of your strengths and makes you happy.

Niche into the areas you know.

Because when you look after you, your business can only benefit.

What makes me happy?

Horses, farming, fast cars, marketing strategy, combined with mindset and the more magical ‘woo’ type topics too.

Now, what makes YOU happy?

How can you design your business in a way, that allows you to live the lifestyle, you’ve always dreamt about?

And what can you do about that, or change, today?