Business always starts with mindset.

Because without the right mindset, you won’t do the things you need to do, in order to create success.

And one of the biggest things I have learnt mindset-wise, is ‘done is better than trying to get everything perfect, before taking action’.

It doesn’t matter how much you learn about or stress over your marketing strategy, your operations, your automations and everything else – if you end up doing nothing, because you’re waiting for everything to be perfect – well, you end up with nothing.

No progress. No customers. No money.

Many of us fall victim to perfectionism. But in the end, it often comes down to fear.

Fear that the content, products or services we put out there, will fail.

Fear that others will judge your perceived imperfections negatively.

Fear that people won’t like you.

Or (shock horror) they might think you’re silly?!?

But that fear keeps you stuck, and NOT taking the required actions to grow your business.

Perfectionism is an illusion. It does not exist.

And what’s imperfect to you, might be exactly what someone else needs. RIGHT NOW!

‘Done’ beats ‘perfect’ any old day.

For ‘done’ will move you forward. Even if its the tiniest little bit.

And failure? It’s necessary I’m afraid. In order for you to learn the lessons you need to learn.

Your first few launches may well be a total flop. But at least you’ve learnt something from what you did, and what could be done better.

Your first few social media posts may get no likes whatsoever.

Doesn’t matter! It all still helps! It helps you get into the swing of things – and the more action you take, the more momentum you create.

Eventually, that consistent momentum will lead to success.

But first, you simply have to trust. Trust yourself. Trust what you offer. Trust that the right people will find you at exactly the right time.

Trust that any tiny step you manage to take in the right direction – will move the needle closer to where you wish to be 

Go get something DONE!

(At least then you have a starting point!)