If you’re starting a brand-new business and need everything done from scratch (including all the techy website stuff!) – or if you’re wanting to upgrade your web presence, with the help of a pro, this is the package for you.

Get a new state-of-the-art WordPress website, with a templated design, customised to your branding and needs, all of your magnetic messaging and website copy written and uploaded to your website – and then a three-month Magnetic Marketing Package with coaching and support, to get you started on the right track.

All designed to make you and your business completely MAGNETIC so clients flock to you, rather than you having to chase them 😊

So you get:

 1x Customised WordPress Website.
 1x Magnetic Messaging Copywriting Package (Uploaded to website, ready to go!).
 1x Magnetic Marketing Package (With coaching and support for a three-month strategy).

Why work with me?

➡️ I’ve built (and sold) an eCommerce brand to six figures.
➡️ Utilise my unique Magnetic Marketing & Messaging Blueprint – that has sent my Copywriting business from $500 a month to $5000 +++ per month in 6 months.
➡️ All the ‘tech stuff’ taken care of for you.
➡️ An easier, hassle-free website build, with copywriting included – and a cohesive, overarching strategy (no need to employ two separate people with conflicting ideas).
➡️ Cash-flow friendly payment plans.

PM me or email sarah@sarahwalkerden.com for the full details.

And you can check me out at www.sarahwalkerden.com or www.facebook.com/webcopydiva.


P.S This is mainly for service-based businesses, however I also have an eCommerce solution too