The small business mental and mindset battle is very real.

One minute you’re flying high, signing up clients and working like a maniac to meet deadlines – and loving every second of it.

And then suddenly, you fall in a heap.

It seems I have a pattern.

I spend an entire week or so just loving life, loving my business and smashing goals left, right and centre.

Then it stops.

Or at least, I stop.

I fall in an exhausted, miserable, super-snappy heap. I get grumpy. Tired. Frustrated with life. Or just plain dull and flat.

Is it self-sabotage? Or maybe I just go too hard, too fast, which leads to temporary burnout?

But honestly, it’s like I can power through 6 days of my week with business, life and kids – but the 7th day just falls in a messy heap.

Or I have one spectacular week – and a crap one the next.

It’s frustrating. I get frustrated with myself. Because no matter how much I try to learn and improve my mental mindset with all the magical techniques about the place, I still end up here.

But maybe, I just need a little more self-compassion.

And sometimes, we just need to talk about this stuff.

‘Cause I’m wondering, whether its just me, or perhaps there might be others out there who experience the same or similar.

Does anyone else have this type of cycle – with their business and mindset?

It possibly doesn’t help when you’re a parent too, with young kids – particularly with a draining four-year-old, who has always been incredibly tricky and demanding, and who still, refuses to sleep properly.

(Try a 1 – 2 hour power struggle, with a bratty, strong-willed, somewhat hysterical child, and then at some ungodly hour, suddenly you’re awake, you roll over and she has magically appeared in bed beside you. The joys of parenthood!)

And then you get bombarded with other millionaire business owners all through your Facebook feeds, telling you that you should be up at 5am, practice mindfulness and journaling, go to the gym and have half your days work done by 10am. And that’s somehow the key to success?!

I’m sure it’s all great, and if it works for them, that’s awesome. But I don’t know about you, but I’m barely awake before 10am – I do the school run with my eyes half closed most mornings (safely though of course!).

When you have young kids, those types of routines just don’t work, or at least they don’t for me. Unless you’re actually one of these mythical ‘morning people’.

I on the other hand, tend to stay up late, until 11pm, working.

Even though I’m exhausted, it tends to be the most peaceful time of my day.

Which of course, means I hate getting up in the morning – AGAIN!


Life and business is a work in progress, right?

Does this post even make any sense?

Who knows!

What I do know, is that I feel better after writing it.

Maybe I just need to go ride a horse…