For as long as I can remember, I always wanted more.

I could never simply accept what was expected of me.

Or how society expected me to live or what it thought I should aim for.

At school, I kept my head down, and bum up, working hard and diligently, in order to get ahead.

I knew that I had to temporarily fit myself into the mold that society and others expected of me.

But it was always a means to an end.

I shut out the ‘noise’ of bullying and social convention – and worked by bum off.

To get into University, to get myself into the corporate world.

But it was always, as a way of earning decent money, so I could have the things I wanted.

And those early years in the corporate world – where I was doing what was expected of me – I always knew there had to be more.

For me, at least.

I just couldn’t accept that life was simply work hard, get a good job, climb the corporate ladder, earn comfortable money, retire and die.

(And don’t even get me started on becoming a mum, and what’s expected of us there!)

I wanted my life to mean more. I wanted to DO more.

I didn’t want an ordinary life. Certainly not a mediocre one.

Everything in me wanted to fight convention. Fight the system. Rebel against what was expected.

So I did what I had to do – in order to get where I wanted to be.

I did the 9 – 5 thing.

I kept quiet – ‘cause that was how I coped.

Yet, sitting in those ridiculously mundane, quiet corporate offices – where everything was GREY – I quite often got to the point where I was ever so tempted to run through the office naked, or dance on the table tops – just to liven things up.

I was bored. I didn’t mind what I did. And I learnt a hell of a lot about writing and websites, which is why my business is working so well now. I met some incredible people. It wasn’t always ‘terrible’.

But I couldn’t shake the feeling of wanting MORE.

Now, I understand why.

Despite how quiet I once was, and how I forced myself to fit into a certain mold – I was always quietly rebellious.

I kept it under wraps, as best I could. But occasionally, it would leak out.

I would suddenly argue with someone. Quit a job. Pull a sickie. Take that extra long lunch break, just to stick it to someone who didn’t appreciate me.

I think I was always born to be an entrepreneur.

Because most of us entrepreneurs are rebels.

We can’t accept what everyone expects of us.

We can’t accept society’s perceptions of what life has to be.

We challenge everything.

We want MORE!

We want freedom, and flexibility to do things OUR way.

It’s probably why you’ve ended up in business too.

Perhaps, you’re a bit of a rebel (whether you’re naturally loud or quiet about it!).

Yet, unless you can make this business thing work, you’re going straight back to that grey, dreary life, that everyone expects of you.

It sucks when you’re teetering on that rocky ledge, between failure and success, as a business owner.

You’d do just about anything, to make it go your way.

Luckily, after near disaster and plenty of failure, I’ve discovered a few secrets, that can really make a business thrive.

The right marketing. Becoming really ‘magnetic’ to clients and customers, so that their drawn to you (and you don’t have to chase anyone). And of course, writing the right words that sell.

The question is, do YOU want more?


Shout it with me – ‘I WANT MORE’!!!!!

Let’s create MORE in your business, together.

And shock the hell out of the naysayers, who thought (and often loudly proclaim) we’d never do it.


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P.P.S If you’re happy in the corporate world, doing the standard ‘thing’ in life, that’s fine, no offence intended – it just wasn’t for me