Once upon a time, I felt like I could never fit in.

That I was different. Too different! And that little bit odd.

And therefore, that no one could possibly like me the way that I was.

So, I did my best to squash my quirks, and did everything in my power to either change parts of myself to fit in, or simply hide and fade into the background.

Now, those very quirks I always used to hide (as a kid, teenager and young adult) – are the very things that have made my business successful now.

And the more I allow them to surface and use them to my advantage – the more my business grows.

Because for any business to be successful – you need to stand out.

And it’s your quirks that will make you different.

It’s your personality that will build your brand.

Want to know how you can stand out?

With clever copy that converts.

By being brave enough by putting your personality, on show, for all to see.

And by using your quirks, to make you truly magnetic to those dreamy clients you wish to attract.

Whether its your website copy, your blog posts, your emails or a sales page – I can help you inject your unique personality – and clearly articulate who you are, and what you can offer.

Embrace you, and the rest of the world will too 😊

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