The difference between Copywriting and Content Writing tends to be a super common question that many business owners ask about and get confused with. Because Copywriting and Content Writing are completely different things. And often, you’ll discover service providers or ‘writers’ who either specialise in one or the other – or who can do both really well, like (humble) me.


Copywriting generally refers to anything ‘sales’ related. Digital Copywriting can include websites, as in ‘Website Copywriting’ plus sales pages, opt-in pages, email marketing newsletters, nurture emails, sales emails, sales copy that gets posted on to social media, etc.

Print Copywriting can include brochures and other printed marketing materials that promote who you are and what you do (this I don’t do quite so much – ‘cause I’m a new-age-digital-gal).

Content Writing

Content Writing generally refers to blog posts and social media posts. And is also referred to as ‘Content Marketing’.

Who does what?

Someone who writes websites, sales pages, email nurture and sales sequences, email marketing newsletters etc. will generally call themselves a Copywriter.

Someone who writes blog posts and social media posts generally call themselves a Content Writer.

Have I blown your mind yet?

Who am I?

I do both. I am both.

I am both a Copywriter and a Content Writer plus Content Marketing Strategist, Business Coach, Website Builder/Techy, and editor and proof-reader too. Phew – does that make me sound awesome, or what?

Seriously though, my broad range of skills have come from an extensive 13+ years spent working in the ‘corporate world’ across large Government Departments, Not-For-Profits, Monash University, eCommerce brands such as Officeworks and Godfreys (yes, the vacuum cleaner company!), several local city councils (Melbourne & Melton), and stacks more.

I generally spent my time managing their website content, writing, editing, proof-reading, publishing, designing and laying it all out.

Not only did it involve writing and editing skills, but also a lot of technical knowledge with using complicated Content Management Systems and coding a fair amount in HTML and CSS, to make things look uber-pretty.

I also gained experience in Information Architecture, Website Usability Best Practice, Accessibility, and writing/implementing and following website style guides and procedure guides.

AND working within Government and complex organisations ensured I was well-versed in the legal requirements of content and websites and allowed me to manage complex website redevelopment projects and content audits, updates and overhauls.

Now, I’m sounding really great, hey?

A word on VA’s and overseas providers…

I’ll be talking about this in more detail in a future blog post, but I just wanted to say this much now.

Many VA’s (or Virtual Assistants) offer content writing services. They churn out blog posts and charge a pittance (like $50 for 3, or $25 an hour, or the dreaded 6 cents per word) etc. Some may indeed produce fairly decent content. And it may make you wonder why you might pay someone like me, who currently charges $175 per blog post – with many copywriters charging $250+.

The answer is simple. It comes down to the ability to both look at things from a strategic level and producing QUALITY content that a) helps your SEO and organic rankings and b) is actually written well and c) actually achieves a set purpose or goal. Basically, anyone can churn out ‘content’ but you pay more for someone who can actually do it properly, so it gets real results for your business.

The same also goes for the overseas content factories and writers who charge $10 per article. I’m afraid in most circumstances, the quality just won’t be there. Not to mention, the difficulties with language limitations – which means you spend a whole stack of time editing the spelling and grammar mistakes, not to mention the entire sentences that don’t make any sense, before you can hit the publish button.

A word on SEO…

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is every business owners nightmare with all of its complexities – but also, a lot of the time, their primary focus.
When you hire a Copywriter AND Content Writer like me, who has SEO knowledge, you’ll ultimately get better results for improving your organic rankings.

Content is a huge part of SEO.

However! Too many writers and business owners ONLY focus on SEO. And that my friend, is where we have a problem.

Many overseas content writers who produce content on mass, will do what’s called ‘keyword stuffing’ and claim it to be ‘SEO Copy’. That’s all good and well, but often, it aint actually written for actual HUMANS!

Meaning you end up driving traffic to a website that doesn’t even TALK to your CLIENT’s pain problems, nor engage or connect with them, nor get them to actually do anything (like booking a call with you or buying a product).

So, you might get more traffic this way, but you won’t necessarily get any more sales, whatsoever. That’s called content, and opportunities wasted – and often results in total business failure. (Dramatic, but true)

It’s also well worth noting, that Google is getting smarter and smarter. They are placing more emphasis on GENUINELY HELPFUL AND RELEVANT CONTENT. So random keyword stuffing and ridiculously ‘fluffy’ content that means NOTHING won’t actually help you much.

The golden rule here is this: Write for humans first, Google second.

Which is precisely what a clever, and highly experienced SEO Copywriter & Content Writer like myself, actually does.

Plus – right now I’m upgrading my SEO knowledge and skills – with Kate Toon’s Recipe For SEO Success course.

After that, I’m really gonna know what I’m talking about.

So ner ner ner.


To summarise, I am awesome. My services and writing rocks. It will quite possibly rock the socks right off of your potential clients, so they actually want to buy stuff from you. And that’s pretty cool, isn’t it?

‘Cause then you would actually have a high-performing business that actually pays the bills! Nice, hey?

But, in all seriousness, there are a lot of advantages, from hiring someone who is specialised but also highly capable with several different areas.

Because I can both Copywrite and Content Write, I can help you come up with a cohesive strategy AND write everything (from website to blog posts) in the same, super-awesome tone.

That way, everything actually achieves a purpose (and gets real results in the form of real money!) – and it all sounds consistently like YOU and your brand! Every single time.

Yay for that!

Any questions or requests, feel free to get in contact with me, right here, right now.

Because when you pay me, my copy will end up paying you 😊