For me, I think there are three main ‘pillars’ or elements you need to build a successful business.
1. Mindset (Beliefs & Approach etc.)
2. Messaging (Copywriting etc.)
3. Marketing (Tactics & Strategies etc.)
During 2019, I built a fairly successful Copywriting / Marketing business, quite quickly, after our family retail business failed rather spectacularly(!).
Very long story, but basically, despite me working myself into the ground 6 days a week on limited sleep (young kids!) – being in a tiny country town and a number of other factors (and us over-investing etc.), worked against us.
12 Months ago, I was in a pretty desperate position, trying to save my young family from near bankruptcy. It kinda really sucked to be really honest.
It was such an incredibly scary place to be, and not somewhere I ever expected to get to.
Hubby worked part time and had his own business to deal with.
So, it was down to me. Give in to disaster and potentially lose everything – or fight.
Luckily, I had previously forged a decent corporate career in writing and websites and marketing, so, despite what I was up against, I decided to start a new business to rescue our family and our dire financial situation.
Living rurally, going back to the corporate world (with 3 hours of travel each direction) wasn’t really an ideal nor feasible option with tiny kids.
So, I made a decision to go ‘all in’ and see how quickly I could build this new business.
I networked like crazy online and got those first few clients (low-paying tiny jobs, but a start). And then gradually increased my prices and my profile.
And despite the odds being against me, particularly financially with the previous businesses debt to pay off, I somehow started to get to $5K months (not huge, but huge at the time for my family).
So, over Christmas I wrote a book. To share my insights into building a successful business.
Which brings us back to my three critical ‘ingredients to success’.
This is what I concentrated on to create fast success:
Mindset – absolutely critical to creating ANY type of success.
Messaging – luckily that’s clearly what I’m good at, and what I do for other businesses.
Marketing – basic, foundational, organic digital marketing strategies (mainly content marketing and online networking) to get my services out into the world.
And, somewhat scarily, I’ve just today, released a book, which details exactly what I did, within these three areas, to achieve my current business success.
(Just $4.44 or free with a Kindle Unlimited membership)
If you do grab a copy, I’d love to know what you think.
It’s mainly for start-up or beginner business owners to give them a foundation to work from – from those going from corporate to business, or traditional business owners who are wanting some digital basics.
And now that this one is out into the world, I’m planning out a second book.
But I’m hoping that this book might just help a few other business owners who might be a little lost right now.
And I’m sure looking forward to growing my business to far greater heights, now that I finally have a blank slate, and fresh start, with our ‘failure’ (aka learning experience) behind us 😊
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