The time is now, the time has come – for me to grow, and get a little more ‘niche’ and focused.

So, I’ve created a brand new brand (complete with website and Facebook page) to reflect a slightly newer direction.

Introducing…The Rural Copywriter.

See – I’m a country girl. I live on a 70 acre farm, with 4.25 horses, 4 chooks, 6 sheep and a puppy. I spend my days covered in horse grot, and either dust or mud (depending on the season), with hay in my hair, wearing my Wrangler or Ariat jeans, and a pair of gumboots.

I’m not a glamorous city chick, nor have I ever wanted to be one.

And so – the idea for The Rural Copywriter was born. Born out of a desire to stay true to myself and my roots – and to serve other business owners, who live and work in rural and regional areas, who may need my support.

Never fear though – this website and this brand will still exist. I will be focusing a bit more time and energy on my rural brand, but I can still help anyone who needs it – with websites, copywriting and marketing.

But if you wish to check out my new business you can do so at

Or Facebook at


Magnetic Marketing Magic AND The Rural Copywriter 🙂