“Put Your Quirks On The Page –
Cause Personality Pays!”

Hello! I’m Sarah Walkerden. I’ve spent over 15 years as a professional writer, editor and tech nerd (with an extensive ‘corporate’ background) – and around 9 years as a small business owner (with multiple businesses in different niches).

I’m also a self-confessed horse-nut. I love horses. I breathe horses. I talk horses. And I write about horses. A LOT!

But try not to hold the whole ‘horse-thing’ against me…

I’m also an ‘Author’ (or at least I’ve managed to write, edit and self-publish one book, with more on the horizon!)

I’m guessing if you’re here – you’re wondering how on earth I can help YOU in YOUR BUSINESS!

In a very basic nutshell – I write clever copy that actually converts.

‘Cause writing for you business can be tricky, am I right?

It shouldn’t be that hard – you have a great product or service, and you know everything there is to know about what you offer.

Yet somehow, all your attempts at crafting copy, end up stiff, formal and ridiculously boring.

And they certainly aren’t selling!

Maybe you’ve come from the ‘corporate world’ like me. Trained and ingrained in that monotonous, ‘straight-laced’ tone that just doesn’t excite the pants off of anyone.

But you’re in business for a reason. And that reason is to make money.

And let’s face it – we don’t just want a little bit – ideally, we’d like loads of money!

Yet if you can’t clearly communicate as to who you are, what you do and how you can help someone – then rather than the sweet sound of ‘kerching’ you’ll undoubtedly hear crickets instead.

The silence is deafening, hey?

And yes, no matter how good you or your products might be, they just won’t sell themselves. It’s crucial to write the right copy that resonates with your potential prospects or no one will even know they exist.

The best piece of advice I can give you – is that ‘personality pays’. Become the life of the party on the page – and you’ll soon become the Rockstar entrepreneur boss lady/man, that you were truly destined to be.

‘But, but!’ I hear you say. ‘I’ve got too much to do!’ ‘How on earth do I be clever with words with so much else on my plate – so much else to think about?’

Which is where I come in.

I’m a Clever Copywriting Freakin’ Rockstar! Which is why they call me the Web Copy Diva…

I stand here before you as YOUR copywriting angel from heaven – quirks and all.

For it’s our unique quirks that tend to work the magic.

My passion is writing words that inspire, delight and ultimately – sell!

And taking the stress, pressure and uncertainly off your hands – so you can get back to doing what you’re passionate about (like serving the amazing customers who start flocking at your feet!).

If all that sounds flippin’ fantastic, it’s time to take some inspired action.

Shoot me a message at sarah@sarahwalkerden.com and let’s get your website, your opt in and sales pages, your blog and your emails(!) selling whilst you sleep…

What I offer…

Business Blog Strategy & Writing!

Can’t be bothered writing your business blog? No idea where to start, or how to come up with ideas? Hand it over to me!

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Website & Sales Copywriting!

I offer full copy makeover packages, which will get your entire website, opt in and landing pages sorted – plus email sequences too!

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WordPress & Bigcommerce Website Builds & Tweaks!

If you need a good, basic, affordable website or just some techy or web admin help, hit me up!

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Who do I work with?…

I love helping business owners succeed! But I don’t work with just anyone…

I work with passionate, motivated eCommerce or service-based businesses, who wish to outsource their copy requirements.

I do not claim to be cheap – as I value my work – and I get results!

So quite frankly, if you’re after cheap copy, be prepared for the hit and miss results, and you’re not my ideal client.

But I’m also still affordable, and far cheaper than some of the big name copywriters.

So if you like VALUE and RESULTS – I’m your girl!

Only get in touch if you’re committed to succeeding. Life is far more fun, when both parties on the same page!

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Gina Trick
Gina Trick Coaching

“Sarah has taken my garbled wording for my website and my freebie and turned them into flowing copy that engages and hits the right note. She kept my tone of voice and captured my values. I will be using her more and more in the future and would recommend her to anyone.”

February 2019

Lane Burdett
Tradie Marketing

“I can happily recommend Clever Clogs for your copywriting. Sarah did a great review on my site and picked up a few bits that I hadn’t and gave me some great content improvements. She knows her stuff!!!!”

January 2019

Liz Nelson
Becoming Liz

“Sarah offered great advice for my website. She is patient, understanding to her clients needs and very committed to offering the best service you could ask for. I would highly recommend using Clever Clogs Copy for your website needs. Now I want to hire her to review my ebook!”

February 2019

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