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Inspire, engage, nurture and SELL…

Whether you like it or not – having an effective blogging strategy for your business – tends to be pretty crucial these days.

But it’s not always easy to consistently come up with ideas, nor write effective blog posts that actually help to nurture and eventually sell, what you do.

I’ve spent many years, running a variety of small businesses (retail/ecommerce, services and online membership) and business blogging has always been a huge part of our marketing and success.

After much experimentation – I know what works!

I can come up with a blog plan and strategy for your business and/or write your blog posts for you.

Just get in touch with me to discuss your requirements at

ECommerce Business Blogging Strategy

One of my specialties is developing blogging plans and strategies for eCommerce businesses – that actually increase your sales and make you money.

There are all sorts of things you can do to subtly promote your business, whilst providing educational content and value to your audience and website visitors.

I can also help you re-purpose video content, and share your blog posts via your email newsletters and social media.

Coaching & Service Businesses Blog Strategies

When you’re providing coaching or other services in your business, one of your biggest wepons is educating your audience, so they can see the value your services can provide them with.

It’s a fine art though – and consistency is everything!

If you struggle with consistency, perhaps engaging me to produce three months worth of blog posts at a time, so you can schedule them to publish in advance, would be well worth your while 🙂

Business Blogs Are Important…

No matter what you’re selling, being able to attract, educate, nurture and engage your potential customers will ALWAYS lead to you converting more sales.

Yes, it’s a longer term game, but it is totally worth it, once you nail it!

Get in touch with me to discuss your requirements at


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