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Website Copywriting 101: Becoming ‘Magnetic’

Whether you’re starting a new business or overhauling an existing one, it all starts with an effective website.

A website that clearly communicates who you are, what you do and who you help.

A website with ‘magnetic messaging’ to help you become a client magnet and best of all – a money magnet. Wahoooo!

A ‘Website Copywriter’ (like me) can help you do that.

Tackling The Crazy Mind Jumble For Entrepreneurs…

I know you got good ideas baby! They’re all there, swimming around inside that confuzzled head of yours!

All it needs is strategic sorting to find your message and your clarity.

And crafting that into clever copy that actually converts for your business.

I absolutely love working with entrepreneurs, business owners and solopreneurs, who need an extra set of eyes on their business, and that little bit of support.

I help you de-tangle your forever-racing mind and create a consistent, clear message throughout ALL of your marketing. However, my website copywriting is the best place to start.

Not Just A Copywriter…

When I first started Copywriting as my gig, I figured my job was simply to write a few fancy words. But I’ve since discovered something interesting about being a copywriter. In order to write the RIGHT words, I also need to be able to deep dive into your business and your brain(!), and seek out the opportunities for improvement, define the appropriate strategy and then be able to implement that strategy.

So in actual fact, I’m basically a marketing strategist, business coach and a resident business ‘hand-holder’ to help guide you along the best path for you and your business.

Pretty cool hey?

Ready For Less Stress & Less Guesswork In Your Business Communications?

If all of the above sounds awesome to you…

Get in touch with me to discuss your requirements at

I can write:

Home Page Copy
About Page Copy
Work With Me / Services Page Copy
Contact Page Copy
Sales Page Copy
Lead Magnet Copy
Optin Page Copy
Thank You / Upsell Page Copy
Email Copy (Nurture, Newsletter & Sales)
Entire Funnel Copy!

And so, so much more 🙂

For an idea of pricing, check out my packages >


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